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Well, the good news is that we received this year the highest recorded score ever, a stunning 306 (see below for details) - I would never have believed it possible to breach 300, but it's been done now. The bad news, however, is that we had the smallest number of participants ever, only 250, 254 with youth variants. I know that archery participation has been falling off overall for some time, and other postal shoots have seen drops as well. Nevertheless, if there is anything I could be doing differently next season in order to increase interest, please don't hesitate to let me know. One idea I've been mulling over is to take a leaf from the IKACs, and award prizes. I will keep all and sundry informed as things develop. For now, Thank you all for participating, we will return next season at the usual time.

The Winner for the 2005-2006 Season:

Laochlain Sylvrwlf, from  Gryffyn's Keep, Æthelmearc
using a 35 pound recurve (no sight marks)

The winning round (submitted March 30, 2006) looked like this:

static 1 29
static 2 30
bullseye 1 28
bullseye 2 30
wand 1 30
wand 2  30
speed round 1 67 (15 arrows)
speed round 2 62 (16 arrows)

Total: 306

You may see all the scores in the review of the 2005-2006 season

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